Did you know that half the world’s Bluebells are found in the UK?

BLUEBELL WOOD | 1h 32'26"

‘Bluebell Wood’ was shot one early spring morning near Rydal Water in The English Lake District. These woods beneath Loughrigg Fell are carpeted with bluebells - the native English variety that is loosing ground to the Spanish bluebell imported over a century ago as a garden plant. The drooping bell-like flowers with curled back tips and creamy white pollen confirm that these are the native variety.

This Ambient was filmed at 54°26'45.1"N 3°00'25.8"W looking towards the mountains of Seat Sandal and Fairfield to the North.

The film was shot on Panasonic Lumix GH5S with Nikon 12-24 mm at 12 mm and 0.71 Speedbooster (equivalent 16.3mm full frame), f8 1/50th sec. Shot at 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160). Sound recorded using Rode stereo mic and Mixpre preamp with line in to camera (a not entirely successful experiment!).