What is it like to work with Cornucopia? Here are just a few comments from our clients & collaborators.

At TES we have been developing CPD for teachers using high quality video. Following their track record on filming in classrooms, we commissioned Cornucopia and have been delighted with the results. Their expertise is reflected, not just in their ability to unobtrusively film teaching, but also in developing on-screen talent and assisting with the range of production of courses. They have been invaluable as a partner, working with all our stakeholders and in developing our product. Without them we wouldn’t have won a BETT Award and I recommend them wholeheartedly.
— LORD JIM KNIGHT | Chief Education Adviser, TES

Cornucopia have been essential to the 451life.com start-up process, launch and our brand story. They have created all the films on our platform with attention to detail and flair and the quality of their work is second to none. They have a real knack for getting under the skin of a subject in a variety of genres, working with both high profile and inexperienced contributors and making them feel at ease with the process and proud of the results. They always go the extra mile. I would recommend them highly.
— NICOLE VANDERBILT | Non-Executive Director, 451life.com & VP International, Etsy

Before working with Cornucopia, I had no idea of the processes involved in making vibrant ‘documentary’ type films. We were capturing the story of amazing teaching practice for pupils with Special Educational Needs and I was astounded at the impact of seemingly subtle images: a hand forming the letter ‘j’, a teacher smiling at a pupil’s answer, two pupils working out a puzzle. Putting these together is an art form. Not only were the resulting films brilliant at capturing really complex ideas, but they portrayed beautiful moments of human interaction. I learnt a huge amount and I see documentaries, voice-overs and image sequences in a totally different light now. Cornucopia are rigorously professional, sensitive to the needs of vulnerable client groups yet somehow still enormously fun to work with.
— DR. AMELIA ROBERTS | Deputy Director, UCL Centre for Inclusive Education

Working with Cornucopia is always a creative and rewarding experience. Ben and his team have been brilliant in helping to shape, develop and finesse the bestselling online courses we’ve worked on together. They have an excellent understanding of the market and know what teachers, schools and students want – and need – from video content. Whether shooting beside the Thames or working up ideas in the office, the atmosphere is always positive and upbeat. I know that I can rely on them to go the extra mile, to solve problems with a bit of innovative thinking, and to deliver an exceptional finished product. We’ve worked together over an extended period and I fully expect us to develop our relationship many years into the future. When you know you’re working with such a great team, why go anywhere else?
— MIKE GERSHON | Educationalist & Trainer

The brief was for films that represented Dan’s work at three locations in London, Oxfordshire and Japan as directly as possible. We worked closely with Ben on the development of three immersive, ambient films. At all times Ben and his team were highly professional, and dedicated to producing the best results possible within the constraints of time and budget. The finished films were the centrepiece of the [Green Fuse: The Work of Dan Pearson] exhibition and succeeded in presenting gardens in a way hitherto unseen within the horticultural world. The reactions of both contemporaries, visitors and the press were unanimous in their appreciation of the films and their accurate representation of both Dan’s work in general and these three very different gardens specifically.
— HUW MORGAN | Managing Director, Dan Pearson Studios

The task was to have the videos follow the implementation chain of policy setting, through to school and classroom practices that have been the context for improvements in Mexico’s mathematics performance in PISA and its progress towards the PISA target set by the Mexican President. The OECD and the Mexican authorities are very pleased indeed with the final products. Collectively, the videos succeed in telling a coherent and balanced story, recognising the progress but also the remaining challenges. The content is all the more accessible through the high quality of production in the videos. In reaching the final product the production team at Cornucopia have been extremely professional and collegiate in its working with OECD staff.
— MICHAEL DAVIDSON | Head of Early Childhood & Schools Division, OECD

The team at Cornucopia are fantastic to work with: personable, efficient and professional, they made long days short and hard work easy. From the inception to the delivery stages, they took me through the processes in a way that was both intelligible and intelligent. Best of all, they supplied me with new ideas about how to present my online training course that massively improved what I had been planning. Beth and Ben are superstars and I hope we work together again.
— TOM BENNETT | Independent Behaviour Advisor for DfE

Ben and his team have consistently brought a powerful mixture of creativity and a deep understanding of the education process, regularly producing innovative formats and intuitive interactive applications that deepen learning and improve motivation. I have no hesitation in recommending Cornucopia as company that has a fine track record and which, under the leadership of Ben Dickey is well equipped to manage challenging multi agency briefs whilst delivering cost effective and cutting-edge innovation backed by the highest standards of video production.
— ANDREW BETHELL | CEO, Teachers TV & Teaching Channel

Working with Cornucopia has been an eye-opening experience on all levels. We had never done a documentary before, yet still we were amazed what Cornucopia can do with what little they are given to work with. The final result, RESTAURANT: PART 1 -THE ARCHITECT, managed to capture the essence of the project spot on and we could not have dreamed of a better representation. It is not just a documentary but an insight into the very heart of what we do and what we stand for. Therefore, a heart-felt thank you from us for this great experience and we hope to work with you again in the future!
— ISABELLE CHATEL de BRANCION | Founder, SPIN Architecture

Being filmed by the team from Cornucopia was a delight and the film [Letterpress] they made demonstrated great sensitivity and awareness about my work. The film has been very well received and was selected for screening at the Crafts Council Reel to Reel festival earlier this year. I am not naturally comfortable being filmed to camera but I felt Beth and Ben were sensitive to this and their calm and friendly nature put me at ease so much that I actually enjoyed the process!
— JUSTIN KNOPP | Letterpress Printer @ Typoretum

Cornucopia developed conceptual frameworks, filmed and produced a series of seven short documentaries on different forms of privatisation in and of education globally. Locations included Cambodia, Chile, England, Hungary, Holland, South Africa and Puerto Rico. This body of work reflected intellectual prowess to articulate key issues and questions, impressive technical skills to produce high quality films and a genuine talent with the medium of film to convey complex realities in a compelling and accessible way.
— DR. IAN MACPHERSON | Deputy Director, Education Support Programme, Open Society Foundations