Cornucopia was commissioned to produce a series of seven short videos for the OSF Privatisation in Education Research Initiative (PERI) and develop their PERI Global community website. The films explore the complex issues associated with privatised education around the world, from private tutoring to school vouchers. They feature a series of case studies across four continents and include school footage, filming in the community, and interviews with academics, politicians and activists.


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Cornucopia developed conceptual frameworks, filmed and produced a series of seven short documentaries on different forms of privatisation in and of education globally. Locations included Cambodia, Chile, England, Hungary, Holland, South Africa and Puerto Rico. This body of work reflected intellectual prowess to articulate key issues and questions, impressive technical skills to produce high quality films and a genuine talent with the medium of film to convey complex realities in a compelling and accessible way.
— Dr IAN MACPHERSON | Deputy Director, Education Support Programme, Open Society Foundations