THEN & NOW | 28'12"


Garden designer Dan Pearson tells us about the key influences on his life and work as well as the challenges and rewards of running an internationally respected design practice.

Produced for the exhibition 'Green Fuse: The Work of Dan Pearson' at the Garden Museum which opened in May 2013.  It was shown alongside three ambient films about gardens designed by Dan in the UK and abroad, which Corunucopia also made for the exhibition: Old Rectory, Millennium Forest and Maggie's Centre.

The brief was for films that represented Dan’s work at three locations in London, Oxfordshire and Japan as directly as possible. We worked closely with Ben on the development of three immersive, ambient films. At all times Ben and his team were highly professional, and dedicated to producing the best results possible within the constraints of time and budget. The finished films were the centrepiece of the exhibition and succeeded in presenting gardens in a way hitherto unseen within the horticultural world. The reactions of both contemporaries, visitors and the press were unanimous in their appreciation of the films and their accurate representation of both Dan’s work in general and these three very different gardens specifically.
— HUW MORGAN | Managing Director, Dan Pearson Studios