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SALT, SALMON & SMOKE Part 1 | 2'32"


Very early one winter's morning we went to film Ole Hansen, the urban salmon smoker. We wanted to find out about his life as an artisan and to talk to him about why his salmon tastes so special.



SALT, SALMON & SMOKE Part 2 | 3'26"


Twelve hours after salting, Ole prepares the salmon for the smokehouse. It’s a careful, intuitive process and each stage affects the final taste and texture of the salmon. 



SALT, SALMON & SMOKE Part 3 | 3'00"


After 12 hours the salmon finally emerges and Ole returns from his bed nearby (he lives ‘above the shop’). In that time the salmon has lost about 30% of its weight, the skin is dry and the fish looks extraordinary. 

48 hours ago this fish was swimming in the wilderness between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic and now it is ready to dispatch to customers and restaurants. In tune with the whole process and with respect for the taste and texture the salmon is not vacuum packed but simply wrapped in paper.