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FINES HERBES Part 1 | 6'22


The first in a series of films with Jeremy Lee, head chef at Quo Vadis, we follow him to Appledore in Kent to meet with his old friend and supplier Frances Smith.

From his early days with Alistair Little and throughout his life as a chef Jeremy has always felt that is it part of his job to go and see and meet producers where they live and work. At Appledore everything grows naturally, ‘without any fuss or fanfare’ and we accompanied Jeremy and Frances on their journey of discovery - uncovering, picking, tasting and gathering herbs to experiment in the kitchen.

FINES HERBES Part 2 | 4'43"


‘When you get Frances cooking with her herbs, with her eggs – this is how it should be’. In this second film, we find Jeremy and Frances in the kitchen at Appledore. The neutral background of a mini omelette is a good tasting environment for fresh herbs. It's perfect for that before and after comparison, and an opportunity to discuss the correct ingredients for Fines Herbes, whether sweet cicely is a good substitute for parsley and the problems with chervil. For us this was a way to learn about taste and tasting with two people not just doing their jobs, but also indulging in their passion for ‘great, pure and clean flavours’.

FINES HERBES Part 3 | 4'34"


In this last part in the series, we visit Jeremy at Quo Vadis to talk kitchens, herbs and foams mousses and creams. Jeremy took over the helm at this revered Soho restaurant in 2012 and has revamped, lightened and simplified the décor and revamped, lightened and simplified the food.